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Protect Your Horses With CCTV In Devon and Cornwall

When you own stables, it is vital to ensure the safety of your horses, prevent theft, and monitor your equipment. At IC Control LTD, in Hatherleigh, Devon, we provide state-of-the-art equestrian CCTV and stable security solutions for horse owners and farmers.

Protecting Your Stables

Due to the alarming increase of horses, foals, and tack equipment theft rates in recent years, it is important to safeguard your property. Thanks to our first-rate CCTV systems, you are able to combat these occurrences in an effective manner. Born and bred in Devon, our company's owner takes pride in his extensive knowledge of the area and is able to assist our clients with the best surveillance solutions.

Happy Horses 24/7

Ensure your horses and foals are safe and happy at all times with our reliable surveillance equipment. Providing 24/7 surveillance, our equipment functions as a second pair of eyes on your horses, no matter your location. Our security devices are programmed to consistently record so that you may play back footage and get an accurate portrayal of any events.


Oversee Foaling MaresFoal and Mare

When you are caring for a foaling mare, and you do not wish to interrupt, our 24/7 surveillance system enables you to witness any progress, as though a nurse was updating you in real time. Not only are you able to view what is occurring, but you can also receive alerts for any problems during this anxious time.

Cutting-Edge Systems

Owing to their discreet style, you are able to place our security cameras in covert locations throughout your stables. You don't have to worry about power issues, as our security cameras can be run totally self-reliant. Powered by solar and recreational battery backup, our bespoke CCTV systems are built to your specifications, and may contain the following features:

Wi-Fi™ Viewing - Mobile Viewing - Onsite DVR Screens

Security Monitor

Reduce Insurance Premiums

Reduce insurance premiums and enhance your insurance policy with added security at your stables. For your peace of mind, we also offer horsebox cameras that may be viewed in real time. You can view this in the cab of your lorry, or alternatively on a portable screen for the passenger of your towing vehicle.

Trust Our Expertise

Call upon our expertise when you want to receive the ideal solution. Fully dedicated to rural security, our experts offer only the finest advice. Not only do we fit the CCTV, but we also offer an additional flat-pack DIY system. However, we always travel to your site to assess any equipment and ensure it is working correctly. We also identify any black spots or problem areas in your stables.

Contact us, in Hatherleigh, Devon, to find out more about our highly effective equestrian CCTV and stable security solutions.