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Whether you want to make your property more secure by installing a secure entry system or monitor who is entering the premises with a time clock-in system, you can rely on us to provide a range of access control products for you to select from. Get in touch with our proficient team in Okehampton, Devon, to acquire more information about our access control systems which include fingerprint scanning.

Automated Gates

We offer a range of automated gate options, including full installation of gates and motors, automation of your existing gates, service and maintenace contracts for new and existing installations. 

Whatever your choice of design or style here at IC Control we are sure that we will have a solution to suit your needs. We are able to offer repairs, servicing and maintenace on gates and systems not installed by us. Give us a call to find out more about our competitive service agreements.

We offer soft and hard wood gates, from standard five bar to bespoke designed construction. Also we are able to offer tailor made wrought iron, metal surround with wood or composite fill. Below is a breakdown of the benefits of each style.

We are now able to offer 3rd party finance on most of our products,
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Styles and Types:

Here at IC Control we work with some of the best manufacturers of wooden and wrought iron gates, producing ornate, stylised and functional gates for a range of driveways and properties.

If you are unsure of what style or type of gate that would be best for you, below are a few points in relation to Soft Wood, Hard Wood and Wrought Iron solutions.

SOFT WOOD:  One of the more versatile and cost effective solutions for your gate needs. Soft wood gates are generally cheaper than Hard wood and Wrought Iron gates, but this does not mean that they lack style or strength. We utilise a range of softwoods to produce our gates, Scandinavian Redwood (Pine) and Cedar offer fantastic durability when treated and can be made into a range of styles to suit all budgets.

Softwood does need to be treated at least twice a year in order to maintain its integrity.

HARD WOOD: Hard wood gates are highly recommended when looking for a wooden gate option. Woods such as Oak, Iroko, Sapele and Idigbo give you a long lasting gate with little maintenance required. Hardwood gates typically last for a minimum of 30-35 years and if treated can last a lot longer. Although these gates are usually heavier in construction, automation remains the same as softwood and we can integrate any style of motors and automation to suit.

WROUGHT IRON: Wrought Iron gates lend themselves to be highly styled and ornate if required. Working with our blacksmiths and Iron workers we are able to create stunning large gates pieces, intricate railings or iron framed composite gates. We are also capable of renovating and automating existing iron gates. This works extremely well for listed properties, helping redevelopments keep to the required standards. Our iron gate are unique, so therefore if you are looking for this style we will always look to speak to you and get an idea of the style and look you require. 

METAL FRAMED COMPOSITE CLAD: Composite gates offer the option of durability, in a lightweight design. These gates are predominantly maintenance free and can be made in a range of colors and designs, offering a unique driveway look. These can be manufactured from wrought iron, stainless steel and Aluminium to give even more of a stylised look to your property.

METAL FRAMED WOODEN CLAD: Similar to the composite gates, but utilising hard wood for the clad effect. These offer the best of both worlds, utilising iron, steel or aluminium for framing and then the rustic, warmness of wood in order to give a stunning entrance way to any property.

Below are a few styles of gates we have installed and automated over the years, a mix of hard and softwood, with also our wrought iron and steel capabilities.

More pictures of our work are always available and updated on here when we get time to upload. Please call us if you would like to discuss or know more about our gates and automation services.

Automation types:

Automating a gate is not as straight forward as just buying any motor and fitting it to the gate. IC Control take the time to offer site surveys, site designs and design and build services. This way we can speak to you to acertain what style of gate and autmation would suit your needs and indeed your house and driveway.

With automations available as swing gates, barriers, slide gates, chain barriers and bollards, we have an arsenal of products available to enable us to offer a wide range of entrance automation for your needs. Below are examples of the automation we use with price guides:

Swing Gate Arm Automation

This style of motor is one of the most common options when automating new or existing gates. With the ability to automate single gate leaves of up to 7mtrs, you can see why this is the go to option. Available in single or double options, these are the ideal solution for homes and commercial gate automation options.

Prices starting from £750.00+ VAT & Fitting

Slide Gate Automation

Slide gates are ideal for larger driveways or limited space for a swing gate option. These motors are capable of automating up to 3500kg gate leaves. Incorporated self-diagnosing safety systems, various power supply options. These motors are ideal for the bigger residential or commercial gate options.

Prices start from £1500+ VAT & Fitting

Underground Gate Motors

Below ground gate automation is essentially one of the most asthetically pleasing automation styles available. It doesn't change the look of the gates as all automation is done from the underside of the gate. Also this type of automation does not limit any clearance between the post openings.

Able to automate up to 7mtr gate leaves and also options for 180° angle opening.

Prices start from £1200+ VAT & Fitting

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Geared Motors with Jointed Arms

These motors lend themselves to automating gates when space is limited by either thin gate posts or limited space for traditional motor options.

Ideal for single or double gates of up to 4mtrs in width.

Prices start from £880+ VAT & Fitting

Bollards and Chain Barriers (Automated and Manual)

IC Control are able to offer a range of automated and manual bollards and parking/road blockers.

Undoubtly one of the most secure access control systems capable of stopping vehicles upto 7.5tons at speed.

Although these systems can entail more ground work than a gate system, tjese do offer the ability of no restriction on opeing space, can be used to advertise businesses using our sleeve printing options. These bolards can also have illumination and customised colours.

Whether you are looking for a concrete bollard for urban areas or an automation for commercial access, contact us for a discussion on options available.

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Road Barriers (Automated and Manual)

Suitable for residential, commercial and industrial sectors, barriers are well known for parking operations and security check points, however this doesnt limit them to just this sector. Barriers can be designed to work in residential settings as well, with ornate ironwork, collapsible fan designs can make entrance ways look unique.

Manual and Automated versions are available and can be fitted to an entrance way with minimal disruption to ongoing access.

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Access Control Systems

Accompanying our automation of gates and access, we offer a range of secure access systems.

Access Control Systems

  • Retinal Scanning

  • Fingerprint Scanning

  • Proximity Fobs

  • Key Cards

  • Secure Entry Systems

  • Time Clock-Ins

  • Keypads for Industrial Applications Such as Factories

With our range of access control systems available to us we can offer the security needed for your gateway, reception area or your compound. With the ability to combine your entry systems to Alarms, Gates and CCTV system, we can create a secure security system, controllable from your mobile, tablet, computer or control room. 

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regarding our access control systems which includes fingerprint scanning.